Newton Abbot Physiotherapy

At The Newton Abbot Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinic we are both Chartered Physiotherapists and use a lot of "hands on", manual techniques applied to the soft tissues and joints to treat musculo-skeletal conditions along with teaching specific exercises to assist recovery. Physiotherapy addresses pain, stiffness, muscle imbalance and stability. This reduces pain and discomfort, restores human movement/function and helps to prevent recurrence.

Therapy is tailored to suit your specific needs. Treatment utilising physiotherapy/Bowen techniques/rehabilitation from practitioners qualified in all approaches, can result in a remarkable improvement for many patients with a variety of conditions. Bowen Technique: Bowen can be used effectively to treat a wide range of musculo-skeletal conditions, whether they be short or longterm. Bowen is an incredibly gentle therapy which is safe for any age group to restore, re-balance and realign the body.