Neck pain, Knee/ankle sprains etc to Headaches, Sports injures and postural difficulties including fitting of orthotics. Using the evidence based approach, of total treatment care and not just a quick fix; we aim to return you to full health in a speedy and responsible manner. Martin began his training in 1991 gaining an International Diploma in Sports Injuries alongside a Diploma for Health and Fitness Teaching in 1993. A further 3 years at the Postgraduate School of Physiotherapy in Maidenhead followed leading to Diplomas in Physiotherapy, Medical Electrotherapy and Manual Manipulation skills.

Following the set up of the Physiofit Clinic, further training led to Diplomas in Aromatherapy, Biomechanics Levels 1 and 2 allowing Gait and Postural problems to be mechanically assessed. Martin returned to the University of Nottingham gaining a Masters Degree in Sports Rehabilitation and membership of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine in 2003.