Rory Holliday Physiotherapy

Rory graduated from the highly respected School Of Physiotherapy at the University of Bradford in 2000. Joining the Bradford Teaching Hospitals and completing rotations in a wide range of physiotherapy departments, Rory chose Musculoskeletal physiotherapy as his professional focus. Working in the NHS until 2005, Rory then joined the Police Treatment Centres in Harrogate, an inpatient rehabilitation facility, regularly assessing and treating a huge range of conditions from the acute soft tissue injuries to the complex and chronic dysfunctions of repetitive strain and injury.

Rory has also been working in private practice since 2006, applying the knowledge and experience of working in both NHS outpatient and inpatient rehab centre.

In his spare time Rory enjoys a range of sporting activities including; running, climbing and hiking with family, friends and his energetic dog! He is also a keen DIY-er and can turn his hand to just about anything!