Croydon Physio

Commonwealth Games Update: August 2014 - Tim is the Lead Physio based at Scotstoun Stadium in Glasgow. We have four athletes competing! GOOD Luck to them all!

At Croydon Physiotherapy Clinic, based at Addington Palace, you can get the highest quality treatment from our team of physiotherapists and osteopath. You do not have to have a sports injury to come to the clinic, as many people come with general injuries or back pain. We are treating lots of normal people with normal back pains. That is why we are treating some of the UK's top sports people. We offer you a professional service which you can trust. And we are trusted by many clubs, teams and GPs in the Croydon area. We regularly get referrals from local GPs, and consultants in Croydon. We use a range of techniques, including LASER and ultrasound, manipulation, massage, acupuncture and rehabilitation.