Grégoire's Performing Arts
In everything we do, we believe all dancers, musicians and performing artists should have direct access to specialist health care. We believe artists seeking treatment should be fully understood, and
Croydon Osteopathic Practice
I went through decades of misdiagnosis for my back pains which were at times debilitating. Within a few sessions, Simon hit the nail on the head and diagnosed me correctly. Thanks to Simon's insight I
Back In Shape Clinic
Taking a moment to consider the best way to make it happen can really help! We have just one purpose: to help you feel and be your best! We do it by assessing and treating physical problems in a way
Croydon Physio
Commonwealth Games Update: August 2014 - Tim is the Lead Physio based at Scotstoun Stadium in Glasgow. We have four athletes competing! GOOD Luck to them all! At Croydon Physiotherapy Clinic, based at
Diesel Physiotherapy
Since graduating as a Physiotherapist in 2009 from Brunel University, Chirag has gained invaluable experience working in a number of specialities including Musculoskeletal Outpatients, Neurology,
Bodysmart Physiotherapy
At BodySmart Physiotherapy Clinic we pride ourselves in providing an excellent physiotherapy service in a highly professional setting. We are a team of qualified physiotherapists and masseurs with
Optimal Spine
Whether you're seeking care due to pain or postural problems, or if you simply want to improve your overall health, Optimal Spine is here for you. We are dedicated to optimising patient health and

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