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Elementary Health.

Osteopathic and Rehabilitation Clinic.


At Elementary Health, our flagship Cambridge osteopathy and rehabilitation clinic, our approaches are designed for all types of people, whether you are in a physical or sedentary job and lifestyle, and no matter what your age or current level of health.

Our osteopaths provide effective osteopathic physical manual therapy. Osteopaths treat using gentle soft tissue, mobilisation and manipulation techniques on the body; helping encourage the body to return to better structure and function.

We are skilled in dynamic exercise therapy and motor control training. With a primary focus on function over the structure. Works to assist motor control and restore ideal functional postures. Effective sports injury rehabilitation. The Dynamic Exercise Therapy Treatment is performed by dynamic training, a mixture of postures, motions and training patterns (dynamic treatment); with verbal and physical guidance, to elicit independent control. Helping encourage the body to return to better structure and function. With a primary focus on function over the structure. Working to assist motor control and restore ideal functional postures.

One of the leading trained clinics in the Perrin Technique diagnosis and treatment. Leading the way in Osteopathic lymphatic diagnosis. The technique is a specialised doctoral research-based Osteopathic approach, which has undergone an NHS trial for its effective diagnostic assistance. The Perrin technique is a Specialised doctoral research-based Osteopathic approach, being used clinically since 1989, and now practised internationally. Which has recently undergone an in-house NHS trial for its effective diagnostic assistance.

The clinic launched new innovative processes, in Complex Case Consultation, offering 1.5 Hour Diagnostic Consultation, For those who want the most from their time with a practitioner. This 1.5-hour consultation will be one of the most detailed consultations you have had by any health care provider. It will focus on your musculoskeletal health, but with a broader overview. For those who want the most detailed diagnosis, from their time with a diagnostic practitioner. Our registered Cambridge Osteopath. Has been highly trained in multiple areas of clinical examination and diagnosis, osteopathy and physical exercise rehabilitation, for non-injury and sports injury rehabilitation. For presentations such as The Chronic Pained Patient, someone who has had re-occurring or consistent episodes of pain. Which is believed to be musculoskeletal in nature, and after all the investigations, opinions and failed therapies, the pain still occurs. As people need Pain reduction which is better than pain management. The Detailed and Multifaceted Case, was Perhaps in many ways you are physical, active, and healthy, but niggled and suffering from multiple or complex symptoms. These may drag you down, and get in the way of your training, health and happy full lifestyle. Let’s work together to get back the direction. The Athlete needs high-level support, A high-end elite athlete still needs a comprehensive MOT. Find what is leading to repeated injuries, the patterns to your problems, and working to find a common goal of increased resilience, power, performance, and grace. The start of a prehabilitation and rehabilitation programme. Let's keep your goals and keep your focus.

Our highly trained clinic team, with specialist training in Low back pain treatment, launched the Complex Low Back Consultation, a 3 Hour Diagnostic Consultation. For those with low back pain, or symptoms associated with low back sensitization, which cause re-occurring or consistent episodes of pain. This 3-hour Specialist Mechanical Low Back Consultation will likely be the longest and most detailed consultations you have had by any health care provider. It will focus on the musculoskeletal health of your low back, but with a broader overview. The Specialist Mechanical Lower Back Consultation provides specialist lower back pain diagnosis, which is performed by our clinical principal Michael Parr, an evidence-based practitioner, specialising in lower back pain, assessment, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement. He has trained with the lead experts in the field, honing his skills and techniques, including training in courses such as ‘Converging on a Precise Diagnosis: The Three Hour Assessment’, ‘Building the Ultimate Back from Rehabilitation to Performance’, ‘High-Performance Training’, ‘Progressing backs from pain to performance’, and ‘The Detailed Back Assessment: Converging on a Precise Diagnosis: The Three Hour Assessment Master course’.Our aims together will be: to Identify Pain Causes, Through thorough assessment, we will help you to learn to distinguish the distinct causes and progressions of your back pain (your pain sensitizer). Back pain always has a cause. We then work with you to Find Pain Reduction. We will work together to help find postures and movements that are less sensitizing and less pain sensitive, allowing you to clearly understand what to do to achieve this. This will help show you how to stop the cause of the pain. Pain reduction is better than pain management. Then we will Coach Pain-Free Movement, we will use these new-found healthy movement patterns, re-grooving these healthy motor and movement patterns, to re-achieve pain-free motor control. That will promote pain-free living, and allow you to continue to do the activities you love. As it is about Time to get movement back. Then we can Provide a Report & Training Programme, We will provide strategies and exercises to help you on your way to starting to achieve and maintain a healthy and robust spine. Ensuring you clearly understand some progressions and milestones. Let’s outline an opportunity to progress.

Such passion to help people does not stop, which is why we also are trained in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, Specialised in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization. Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) is an advanced and complex strategy or method of examination, testing, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the whole body, including that of breathing, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and the nervous system of the body. This functional rehabilitation method/strategy’s aim is to activate the body’s natural inbuilt stabilization systems and was produced by a correlation of data from multiple therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, physical therapists, doctors, neurologists and scientists, in a team developed by the head of The School of Physiotherapy, Prof. Pavel Kolar, based at the Prague School of Rehabilitation. This specialist service of DNS treatment is provided by Michael Parr the consulting osteopath of Elementary Health in Cambridge, who has travelled internationally to generate his training in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization and motor control training methods. In this model of approaching function, the function is more important than structure and often governs structure. Sometimes the physical hardware is present, however, the software for the motor control is not currently working optimally. This is perhaps due to a ’functional block’ or a sports injury in Cambridge. By finding ‘optimal’ postures, is seen to help to initiate a ‘reboot’ or ‘reset’ of the nervous system controls. You can have all the physical hardware, however, if the software (‘functional pathology’ is a ‘software problem’) does not function in the intended sequence, you will have function errors. These functional errors may affect motor control, spinal stability, breathing patterns, symmetry control of the body, general mobility, sports performance, or lead to overuse irritation and injury during sport. By ‘resetting’ the motor control programme the opportunity is presented for the system to reload the neuromuscular software in a more suitable sequence. This reprogrammes how your body moves, thus eliminating any neuromuscular problems someone may have. Guidance for aftercare will be provided, which assists by helping to establish and prioritise training components, which can be initiated independently, as an adjunct in achieving your goals. We recommend your first visit is a Complex Case Consultation for the more complex cases and athletic pursuits, and a First Dynamic Exercise Therapy Consultation for all other cases.

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