The Clinical Pilates Studio
We offer a full range of Pilates classes from beginners to advanced, as well as our specialised back care sessions supervised by Physiotherapists. The Clinical Pilates studio was established 2007 by
Physio Plus
Our friendly team of Chartered Physiotherapists have the knowledge, skills and experience required to help you recover from a wide range of injuries and medical conditions. Whether you have a chronic
Suffering from chronic pain can be a life controlling condition and is often poorly managed. Physiotherapy, acupuncture and exercise can help greatly in managing chronic pain. Here at Physiobourne we
Clubhouse Physiotherapy
We are a small team of expert physiotherapists dedicated to providing you with accurate diagnosis and a full consultation so we can give you the best form of treatment. We'll also provide, if
Highmead Physiotherapy
Sarah has treated me on a number of occasions for various aches and strains and has always managed to get me back on court quicker than I could have imagined. I have referred a number of my juniors to
Horder Healthcare
Please be aware that all Horder Healthcare locations including The Horder Centre are closed for varying periods over the Christmas and New Year festive break. For details please visit each locations
Eastbourne Neuro Physiotherapy
Eastbourne Neuro Physio is a highly skilled and specialised adult neurological rehabilitation service helping individuals with conditions like Stroke, Head Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's
Ipersonal Physiotherapy
Local Eastbourne Physiotherapy Clinic | I personal Physiotherapy. Our Focus is to provide quality physiotherapy treatments and advice to all our patients in order to alleviate the pain and symptoms